Why Casual Games are so popular ?

Casual games are the most popular type of game out there. They are easy to play and can be played in short bursts. In a world where we always have a lot of things to do, this is the best type of game. Casual games help us relax and have fun.

Casual games are those that do not require a lot of time or effort to play. These games usually involve simple, repetitive tasks and can be played in short bursts.

These types of games usually rely on simple interactions, such as clicking or tapping, instead of having lots of complicated controls or multiple inputs per second. This means you can just sit back and enjoy the game without having to worry about complicated instructions or workarounds for bugs or glitches.

Casual gaming is often billed as a way for people who want to escape from their daily lives for a little while without having to commit large chunks of their day. There are many different types of casual gaming available today, including puzzles, card games, hidden object challenges, and arcade-style games. There are also plenty of websites dedicated solely to casual gaming which provide new adventures for players every day.

Which is your favorite casual game ?

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