15 Best Android Multiplayer Games To Play In 2021

Practically everyone has a smartphone with them at all times. It’s not only a device to stay in touch with friends and family, but also a source for entertainment as well. If you have an Android smartphone or tablet and want to enjoy some video games with friends then we have you covered. In this list, we’re going to highlight some of the best multiplayer android games you should be playing in 2021.

15. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

We probably don’t need to tell you about Minecraft at this point. The video game IP was such a massive hit worldwide that it’s been one of the more iconic titles for players to pick up and play for more than a few years now. This is a survival game where players are dropped into a massive generated world where the goal is mine for resources, craft useful items, build up bases, explore, and fight off enemy creatures that pop up along the way. Of course, you can have just as much fun if not more when you’re playing with friends online. Again, chances are you’ve already been playing this game for a good while now since it’s available on multiple platforms over the years, but if not, this is one game that’s a must-play for both young and older players.

14. Call of Duty Mobile

The Call of Duty franchise is another IP that’s been around for ages. It’s filled with iconic FPS video games that take players to different parts of the world in iconic historical battles or fictional wars set in the future. Each game is full of over-the-top action-packed moments that fans have gravitated towards. Likewise, each installment is filled with multiplayer game modes for players to compete in. Fortunately, this IP has even made its way to the smartphone market as well where players can download a free version of Call of Duty. This will put players into different iconic maps and popular multiplayer game modes. The controls are also tweaked to allow the game to be played a bit easier for touchscreen users or those that have a controller connected. While you have a variety of multiplayer game modes such as 5v5 or big battle royales, some new seasonal updates will further add new content into the mix.

13. Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a massively popular digital CCG. While it originally started on the PC platform, the game quickly moved to smartphones and tablets. Based around the Warcraft IP, Hearthstone is a digital card battling game. Players are actively attempting to customize their decks, purchase new packs of cards in hopes of finding something worth adding into the mix or outright crafting up individual cards. Meanwhile, the game does provide players, several different heroes, to pick from which will have some cards that can be used exclusively through them along with their own unique hero powers. These powers could be anything from adding extra defense or delivering an attack to the opposing hero. A ton of strategy is put into these matches and players are battling against other random players around the world or they can add their friends and go through some friendly competitive matches against each other.

12. Among Us

Among Us was a sleeper hit as the game released back in 2018 but it wasn’t until 2020 that the game gained worldwide attention. This is a deception game where players are taking the role of a random member of a crew that will either be a survivor or an impostor. When you’re not an impostor, there is a slew of tasks that the group will need to complete before they can finish the round. During this period none of the players are allowed to talk. However, if you’re an impostor then you can hide away in vents, stealthily move around the map, sabotage the station, and ultimately attempt to kill off all the crew. When a player discovers a dead body or feels someone is suspected of being the impostor, then they can call an emergency meeting. It’s here that players are now able to talk, discuss, and hopefully vote off an impostor. Whether they are right or wrong, the game continues until either all the tasks are completed, the impostors are voted off or enough crew members have been taken out.

11. Fortnite

Fortnite is another game well worth mentioning here today. This is a game that paved the way for new battle royale games to hit the marketplace and years later it’s still one of the most popular battle royale games out there. Likewise, this is a completely free video game where you can purchase various cosmetics to use within the game. While chances are you are well aware of the iconic Fortnite video game title, it’s worth noting that you can still enjoy this online game through Android. Currently, Epic Games is going through some legal battles after they offered consumers a way to purchase in-game content directly through Epic Games which ultimately bypassed the revenue split between Epic and Google. As a result, Google removed the game from their official Google Play Store. With that said, Android owners generally has an easier time bypassing Google Play Store for various application installs. Players can go through the official Epic Games Fortnite website which will give a detailed guide on how to download the game directly from them until the title makes its way back to the Google Play Store. If you ever have that battle royale competitive game itch then this is one title not to pass up on.

10. Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9 is currently the latest installment in the Asphalt racing series. This is an arcade racing game that has been one of the more popular titles to use as a test benchmark for smartphones and tablets. While you don’t need the most expensive device to run this game, it will prove to bring some stutters for lower-end devices. With Asphalt 9 players are racing against each other using a wide variety of different super luxury cars from iconic brands like Ferrari and Porsche. There are even some controls placed to make things easier for players to go through the game and pull off quick turns and maneuvers if they don’t have a controller on hand to use. Players can also make use of the different customization options so that their car will look a bit more to their liking.

9. Stumble Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was a huge hit when it launched into the market last year. However, the game was a bit limited to what platforms it was available on. Naturally, with every big video game out there you’ll find a ton of clones available to pick up as well. Stumble Guys is one of those clones out there that is incredibly popular through the Google Play Store. It’s pretty much a direct rip-off as well because not only are players going through the different minigame courses and trying to be the last player standing but the courses themselves are exactly like what you would find in Fall Guys. If you’re not familiar with the games, these are obstacle course games where players are racing against other competitors to reach the end of the level. The courses are full of obstacles that will force players to restart from different checkpoints or completely from the start of the level course. Slowly the number of participants to pass the obstacle course is reduced until again we’re left with a final player left standing.

8. Farlight 84

Farlight 84 is a game that’s picking up steam a bit online. This game isn’t out yet as we’re getting ready for open beta to happen next month. With that said this is an upcoming battle royale title that not only looks to be visually impressive but the gameplay footage is looking pretty decent as well. The game is set in the distant future where players are battling against each other within a large open-world map. Not only will players have an assortment of weapons to use against their foes but also a variety of vehicles to hop in for a quick traversal. We’re not sure if this is going to be a big competitor to the likes of Fortnite or other battle royale shooters out there quite yet, but this is at least one game to keep on your radar as it slowly prepares to launch itself into the marketplace.

7. Hunters vs Props

Hunters vs Props is just another iconic game genre that you’ve likely seen on different titles before. Gmod and Minecraft are two examples that come to mind for the popular multiplayer game. With Hunters vs Props, players are either a character with a gun roaming around the map or a random object that looks ordinary to the map itself. Props are tasked with transforming into an object and trying to blend into the world where your goal is to run out the clock. Meanwhile, Hunters are constantly roaming around the map in search of these different Props to eliminate. However, when a Hunter fires at an object that is not a prop, they’ll take damage. It’s a bit of a risk and reward scenario with Hunters.

6. Bullet League

Battle royale games right now are incredibly popular so it’s not much of a shock to see a few titles come up on our list, or at least we’re hopeful that it’s not much of a shock. If you’re wanting something a bit different than the norm then check out Bullet League. This is another battle royale shooter but rather than being in an open-world 3D environment, this game is 2D. Players are going through a bit of a platformer-level design as you attempt to find other competitors and mow them down with your guns. Being a platformer, players can quickly move from one side or the other along with jumping to different elevation platforms. As players explore the map they’ll get to pick up different weapons and and other useful resources. You’ll find that matches only run a few minutes so getting a few rounds in should be easy to pull off. Again, similar to other battle royale games out there, Bullet League offers a few different game modes so whether you’re playing solo or if you want to join in with some friends for squad-based matches, it’s all readily available for players to try out.

5. Horrorfield

Horrorfield is a game that plays out very similar to the Dead by Daylight title. In this game, players are either a group of survivors trapped in a hellish world seeking to escape or a maniac killer. As survivors, players will work together as they attempt to explore the map, find generators, repair them and power the map up to escape. However, the maniac killer is tasked with killing off the survivors. It’s a game that tries to provide an atmospheric horror game to go through and fans have seemed to enjoy it. With that said, the development team is still supporting this game with new content and updates. We know that in the future the developers are hoping to bring out clans, quests, and even leaderboards into the mix so players should have a new slew of content to enjoy within the game throughout this year.

4. Respawnables Heroes

If you enjoy the hero-based competitive titles like Overwatch or Paladins then there is a game worth keeping an eye on this year with Respawnables Heroes. It’s a title that has been in early access so the game is currently in development which means if you dive into it now you might see some changes or the app being unstable. With that said, it’s a game that’s very much like the hero competitive shooters as we’ve already mentioned above. Players can pick through a roster of different heroes in PvP 4v4 matches, while there are a variety of abilities, multiple maps, and game modes to participate in. This looks like a real competitive multiplayer title for fans who are wanting that bright vivid color action-packed hero gameplay from Overwatch but now through a smartphone. With that said, the game is available outside of early access on Apple iOS devices so we’re just waiting for the game to fully hit Android devices.

3. Flash Party

Flash Party is a fighting game that looks just like the iconic Nintendo platform fighter series, Super Smash Bros. Some of the characters and moves look like direct copies from the Super Smash Bros counterparts. With that said, the game offers a variety of heroes with the development team continuing to drop new characters into the game through updates. Players can join in battles with their friends as well, but similar to Fortnite on our list, this game is not directly available on the Google Play Store yet. Instead, you can find it through alternative storefronts like TapTap. For now, the character selection will be limited as the developers continue to bring out new updates to further flesh out this game.

2. League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends has been one of the most popular MOBA titles for players to play on PC. However, Riot Games has since made a mobile-friendly version as well. Players that want to enjoy their favorite MOBA title on the go can now do so with League of Legends: Wild Rift. Everything you would expect from this game is present in this mobile port since it was built from the ground up in mind for smartphones and tablets. Players will work with their team using an assortment of different heroes as you attempt to take down the opposing side. This is a very strategic game as well so if you’re new to MOBAs then there’s a bit of a learning curve to go through. Fortunately, with League of Legends being as popular as it is, there’s plenty of different useful guides and tips from players online.

1. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is often compared to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild from its visuals and combat. In this game, players take the role of a traveler seeking their long-lost sibling in this new and unusual world. Outside of an open world, players may find the combat mechanics interesting as the game plays around different elements such as fire and water. This is a free title that can be played solo with the developers earning money through different in-game purchases, but fortunately, it’s a game you won’t have to spend any money on to progress. With that said, if you want to play with a friend then you will need to complete some of the game before the multiplayer unlocking. Currently, the multiplayer aspect of the game can be unlocked when you reach Adventure Rank 16. If you play through the storyline quests you’ll eventually reach the rank where you’ll then get to gain co-op multiplayer support.